WTS OR Feg .32 $200 with ammo

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    I have an FN marked FEG AP7/AP-MBP .32 acp pistol I would like sell,it comes with 2 8 round magazines, 3 50 round boxes of Fiocchi 7.65 .32 acp and some loose .32 acp in a bag. This pistol has very little recoil and is very easy to rack.Comes with black plastic pistol case.
    I'm getting rid of this because I don't like pistols with safeties on the slide,I'd prefer no safety or a frame mounted safety,also not really a fan of .32 acp.

    Sell price is $200,that price also includes the 150 rounds of .32 acp.
    Price is cheap because I'm trying to fund my first H&K pistol.

    IMG_20160424_245817501.jpg IMG_20160424_010150942.jpg IMG_20160424_010115886.jpg
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