federal (Independence) 5.56 xm193 for sale

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    1000 rounds 50 20 round boxes of new manufactured federal ( independence) made in Isreal 5.56 55grn fmj.

    $900 for the lot +$15 for shipping. Can accept credit cards +3%. Or sell 500 for $475. Same shipping.

    Same ammo is $549.99 per 500 Or $1100 per 1k here before shipping:

    5.56 55 Grain FMJ XM193I Independence - 500 Rounds - Surplus Ammo

    PM for contact info.
    I have a few thousand for sale.

    Product Description
    Independence 5.56x45mm NATO 55 Grain XM193 Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail - 500 Rounds

    Independence new production Ammunition is loaded to NATO specifications by one of the best known Israel ammunition manufacturers, who loads ammunition for the Israel Defense Forces. This round was manufactured to give the AR-15 enthusiast a great choice for target shooting, training and practice. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases. This is beautiful ammunition, the quality is very apparent.

    New Production Ammunition
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
    Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail
    Bullet Weight: 55 Grain
    Muzzle Velocity: 3165 fps.
    Muzzle Energy: 1223 ft. lbs.
    Case: Brass
    Primer: Water Resistant Lacquer
    Mfg Part #: XM193I
    Made in Israel; Imported in the USA by Federal Cartridge Company
    Other Details
    Brand: Federal
    Condition: New
    Weight: 13.00 LBS

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