Events that change one's thinking

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by freestoneangler, Jun 25, 2016.

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    To be honest, I have no idea what Kelly McGillis believes about our 2AR's. But, after her recent home invasion, it appears she has decided that being able to carry a weapon is important. She will no doubt have a better go of it than her peers still living in "The Land of Oz".

    'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis left 'scratched and bruised' after home invasion | Fox News (
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    I didn't care much about guns one way or another, until my wife and I were attacked by racist skinheads many years ago. I've carried ever since. That certainly was a wake-up call...
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    Sometimes there are events that occur in life and make one realize that they need to be responsible for their own protection.

    I've been fortunate enough to have not experienced such an event in my life, yet. But have decided to be proactive in protecting myself and my loved ones.

    Let's face it, we live in a society today where the criminal has more rights and lead way than the law abiding... Criminals typically show very little fear, until they're staring down the barrel of a firearm...
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    Moving to California was my wake-up call. Glad I got out of there before they went bat-stuff crazy with this latest round of tyranny. With Scalia gone they may get away with it for a while too.
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    I'm about in the same boat as nammac, but for me going out to a range and firing a gun for the first time in my life was enough for me to say "Yeah OK I'm definitely getting into this" :D

    And I didn't even get PTSD!
  6. Mark W.

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    I think the event that got me interested in firearms must have been my birth. I can remember playing with cap guns as early as 3-4 then at 5-6 dad had me on the Winchester model 55 semi auto single shot .22 and at 10 I got a Crossman pump barrel BB gun. Followed by my first .22 rifle a Winchester model 121 (I still have) at 14.
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    I've had a pistol placed to my forehead when I was unarmed and I once was shot at while armed. No question as to which time I felt better about my chances of walking away without springing a leak. Good for her for having this wake up call before she finds herself in another bad situation where she would have otherwise been at the mercy of an attacker.
  8. Ura-Ki

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    As I have posted before, I witnessed a armed robbery that went south! I made the choice that night to never find my self in a situation where I wouldn't have a fighting chance ever again! I am sad for the events of that day, but that changed my life forever! I have carried every day since then, while I have only had to draw ONE time in all those years, I thank God I had a gun the one time I needed it!
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    My neighbor had a not so traumatic event change her thinking.
    One day after shooting , She came over to borrow something and saw me cleaning my Colt.
    After talking a bit and finding out that while she didn't like guns , she had never shot one or been around any.
    I then invited her to go shooting with me ,so she can have a better informed opinion.
    Long story short : She now has several firearms and enjoys shooting.
    I wish it was always this easy and painless.
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    For 10 years back when I was contracting all over the West coast I had been lucky (almost always) that I was in excellent health and was able to either talk or beat my way out of many bad situations that arose on the road with California being the worst places of employment. I always had a weapon that I'd been forced to draw a few times and would have pulled the trigger if needed but I never shot anyone, thank God.
    That being said, times have changed since then and have carried concealed for 30+ years now.
    Now, I'm too old to fight but too young to die so I'll use my equalizer and carry on....;)
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