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    I have to ceramic body armor plates for sale or trade. Never been shot, dropped, or damaged in any way. Rated to 7.62mm it says. If i remember right they were made in 05 but maybe newer. Asking 400.00 for the set of two which is a great deal. These are full size plates. Blackhawk wants like 700.00 EACH! Trade for gun stuff, let me know what you have...You can get a carrier for these from Blackhawk for as low a 49.99 and have a awesome set of armor. Email is
  2. wakejoe

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    What size, and have you had them X-Rayed recently?
  3. Silver Fox

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    Are these the GEN I or GEN II? '05 they introduced the GEN II plates.

  4. parsons_12b

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    What color are they black or green?
  5. M.Link

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    They are the big ones, I think like 10.5 x 13.5, I was told by a ex marine that these are the Gen two plates and they are a greyish greenish color. I have never had them X-Rayed. The date is from late 05 if I remember right. If you email me I can email you pics later tonight.
  6. M.Link

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    Open to all offers! Will be in WA today and tomarrow. Offer what you have. Trades? Let me know. I need money. Email is best.

    EDIT-----------------------I WILL TAKE 250.00 FOR THESE THIS WEEKEND! PLEASE CALL MIKE AT 9712416764

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