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The second gun range I've been to in this area and the first outdoor range I've been to. Not bad. Range fees are reasonable, $15 and you can shoot your own ammo. They throw in a couple of targets and the personnel are very friendly. I enjoyed my experience there. Next time I'll go earlier, cause it gets crowded fast.
Went there for the first time last week. Nice range for being inside city limits. Fee was $17 and change when you pay cash. Staff was very friendly and helped with sighting in my AR. I spent about 3 1/2 hrs there and was the only one on the range.
With the Death of Range Master John McEnroe, (not the Tennis Player) I was concerned that CCGC might not make it. The good news is that Mr.McEnroes' work was not wasted. The new version of the old "English Pit" is better than ever. My son and I brought a fellow from my church over to shoot for the first time. The place was busy but polite. I was able to help with a little volunteer RSO duty and we all had a safe and fun shooting session. My guest loved it. Now that the overly assertive & aggressively tat/pierced guy is gone the atmosphere is relaxed yet safe.
Now with more safety orange!

We went last weekend with a friend and noticed one of the RSO's love of orange spray paint! See the new hot/cold line on the ground and the markings around the target stands. I predict orange colored rope (to close off the "houses" during cold time) will be next! I'm glad to see they are continuing to take safety seriously.

-- Lia

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