Early *No-dash & No-MIM* S&W 642

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    ***For Trade ONLY***

    This 642 is one of only ~3,000 made (IIRC) in the early 90's, before S&W discontinued them due to the difficulty associated with matching the color of the aluminum frame with the SS barrel and cylinder.

    It's got all forged internals, real rifling, real rollmarks/stamps, and a much nicer looking and durable finish than today's 642-1's and 642-2's. This piece was made before S&W really started "cutting corners" and it definitely shows...this isn't your run-of-the-mill 642, to be sure. This piece is in great condition both mechanically and aesthetically, with just a couple very minor handling marks here and there. It's got a great trigger too. Not too bad for being ~20 years old already ;)

    This piece will come with the Tyler T and OEM smooth magnas pictured, along with it's original standard magnas and a soft case. No box or papers, sorry.













    This 642 is for TRADE ONLY...and only for a 3" M65 or an early M640.

    I am looking for a Pre-MIM 3" Model 65 in factory-original condition with the flash chromed (light greyish colored) hammer & trigger, in about the same condition as the 642 that's up for trade. I'm not interested in examples with case-hardened triggers & hammers, 4" barrels, beater PD trade-ins, polished or bead blasted guns, or examples that were made after 1995. I'll gladly answer any questions or post more photos for those interested in a trade. Please either post in the thread or shoot me a PM with any questions or comments. I'd also consider an early .38 Special Model 640, with the same prerequisites as with the Model 65...no bead blasted/polished guns, good condition, flash chromed parts, etc. We can discuss the +/- of $ as appropriate.

    Thanks for looking,

    *This ad is posted on SGN & the S&W Forum. Also, I've got a 100% positive feedback record with 70+ transactions on SGN*
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