Dual Dated Mosin Nagant + Ammo/ Near Tacoma/Seattle

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    Hey all,
    I have a project that I really want to get off the ground.
    This rifle has a strong bore, nice metal, and the usual dinged/scratched stock, and it does have some arsenal repairs. It shoots well, and I have applied the sticky bolt remedy to it. It rates as an R6 our of a rarity scale of 10 on 7.62x54r.net, which is a pretty good web resource for these guns. With it, I have an original sling, oil bottle, tool kit, bayonet (non matching, but seems pre-war). The rifle's numbers are all matching except for the floor plate, which is a line out force match. The rifle bears the MO (Ministry of Defense) marking, and dual dates of 1934/51. Hex receiver, a little more desirable than the later round receiver guns.
    It will also come with 1007 rounds of various surplus ammo. There are 100 rounds of 1945 dated Russian light ball, a little more than 80 Czech silver tip light ball, a bunch of 1980s Russian light ball, some 1980s Bulgarian light ball, and a good bit of Bulgarian yellow tip heavy ball. There are a few random rounds of 1948 Soviet light ball as well.

    Addendum: Ok all, I am willing to split the lot up. If you want just the rifle, I can let it go for $125 FTF. If you want the ammo $200 for the entire lot? Could work something out for smaller quantities? I know that is combined more than the asking price for the whole lot, but I understand that people might need more ammo, but not the gun... or might want the gun, but not need more ammo
    Edit: Ammo posted for sale/trade in the ammo section as well. I am not adverse to selling the gun and ammo together for $300 if someone wants to get both.

    Here are the best pics I have of it at the moment.
    It's the one next to the Enfield (not for sale!)

    Here is an attempt to get the dual dates, and the MO mark.

    Rifle is now SPF
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