DSA Para FAL Scope Mount

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    The aforementioned part is for sale, with all the hardware necessary for installation. Had it on an SA58 I used to own, and never had any grief. It has been dinged up a bit from the brass, which seems to be the norm based on my experience with the other one I own and talking to some other folks. Asking $80, shipped free to your door. $75 if we can work out something FTF. I'm on the Long Beach peninsula, and don't care to travel much further than 45 minutes. The cord to the camera has been misplaced, so if you'd like pictures I can send them by text. (might be able to text them to my photobucket account, i'll check on that shortly). Thanks.

    - Jacob

    here's some pictures of it on the weapon. If you'd like to see more, let me know.


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