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the rifle is available to see & behold at Blackwater Tactical in Salem at 12th & Cross st se. Go check her out!

As much as it pains me to do so, I have to make room in the budget for a suppressor & tax stamp :D, so
I'm parting w/ my Factory built DS Arms FAL. It took me months to find one like this in late '09. I am the second owner. The fella I bought it from (also NWFA member) said he shot it less than 200 rounds. I estimate less than 200 since I've had it as well, and it shows. Only surplus non-corrosive South African brass cased ammo has been fired.

This version has the folding stock, and a few upgrades: The DSA scope mount ($68) and the Bolt Carrier w/ Sand Cuts ($85). The MSRP on this rifle stock is $1975. I am also including 2 nearly new (not surplus) magazines that function perfect. Roughly $2180 worth of rifle & add ons, plus I'm throwing in the case & a sling, plus 20 rounds South African ammo.

This gun shoots amazingly well, and does not kick nearly what I expected it too. I regularly hit a milk jug at roughly 75 yards w/ the irons & the surp ammo!!

I measure the barrell at about 16", and w/ the FH right at 17". This is the metric version (takes metric mags, readily available). It most closely resembles <broken link removed> from DSArms current lineup.

Oregon resident FTF, or ship to your FFL at your expense.
$1650, or trade for .223 or .308 suppressor (Oregon only) AR based 308 upper or lower, scope in the 2-7 or 3-9 range, ...send me a PM. We can talk.
No Felons please.
This thing dents brass, so you reloaders out there may want to pass. :)

A bit of history if you were wondering: DS Arms builds these FAL's on original Styer machining lathes & equipment! This is NOT one of those FAL's you'll typically find at a gunshow that is either a stamped steel POS or some pieced together kit w/ a used barrel, etc. This rifle is a piece of beauty!
Please PM w/ questions.

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No. I'm measuring from the outside of the reciever. Now that I look at my own pics, I guess the FAL barell starts inside the reciever. Edited ad.
I uploaded a pic if your interested. Here is a link to the review:

Eagle Arms AR-10 (T) .308


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