DPMS Custom LR-308 As new With extras. In .308 Win

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    Hi I have a Custom DPMS LR308 For sale. This is set up as a light weight SPR type rifle. Comes with the following:
    Troy 13.5in FF rail system Correct hight for upper
    Rainer Select 16in S/S Polygonal rilfed .308 barrel M/P and H/P tested. Mid-length gas system. Will work with .308win or 7.62NATO
    Mil-spec buffer tube, Magpull ACS stock
    Geissele SD-E trigger group. Flat trigger
    Raptor Ambi bolt release
    Viltor Med.C/H.
    LMT front and Troy Rear Buis.
    Tango down VFG
    Magpull Maid with grip plug.
    Rifle come with two 20rd PMAGS. Less than 140rds fired. Sub MOA. I can do a FTF in the Salem-Portland areas. I will incude the Org. Case. Above listed rifle $2750. Bipoid and scope not incuded. I will sell the scope and mount For $250 more only with sale of rifle. Its a Weaver 3x12 x44 30mm in a ADM 30mm Mount. Total for rifle and scope $3000




    Sorry no trades. Thanks
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