Donating to groups that seem to spend all the money on junk mail.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by IronMonster, Jan 13, 2015.

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    I am a little put off by all the crap that piles up in my mailbox related to the various firearms organizations that I support. I send them money in the hopes that they can do some good with it and hopefully spend it in a way that is responsible and prudent. Every time I get a flyer, mailer or update I see it as money being wasted. I am already on your side. I am already sending you money. If I need info I can find it on my own. The more crap you send the less likely I am to give you money in the future.

    Between the shop mailbox and home I got 5 different items from gun organizations just today. Just one day. How much as that got to cost to send all that crap out to members and supporters. Am I weird? Do you guys appreciate that stuff?
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  2. Benny503

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    Lol that is the reason why I send them anonymous as much as possible
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    If I care about an organization I give them my time, it's worth more than money to me.:D

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