Dillon XL650 with 45acp dies

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    The dillon XL650 it has dies for 45 acp, is what you see in the picture with the case feeder. ONLY ONE THING is missing is the side EJECTED CARTRIDGE CHUTE, is broken and cost $35.00 to $40. dollars with Dillon. I have all bill purchase when I bouth it from them. Some guys tell me that if I call Dillon, they will replace the part no questions ask. I don't see the point of doing it since i want to trade it or sell it.

    All the items

    Dillon XL650 $544.95
    D-Terminator Electronic Scale $139.95
    XL650 Instructional DVD video $19.99
    XL 650 Casefeeder - 110 Volt $212.95
    XL 650 Machine Cover $39.95
    XL 650 Spare Parts Kit $23.95
    Lee Production Pot IV $ 75.98
    LEE Ingot Mold 13.98
    Lee Lead Ladle $4.98
    Lee double cavity molds 45 acp 230gr 25.99
    Lee double cavity molds 45 acp 200gr $26.99

    and two tumblers cant remember the name brands, but they are included. all the 45 acp brass (don't know the count for the brass) Stays as a complete package, nothing comes apart. This package has over $1,200.00. OFFER me a good deal or a Trade. The future owner of the Dillon press PAY'S SHIPPING FEES

    Shipping from El Paso, Texas. email ledmach11969@yahoo.com



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