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I've got two black casefeed adapters for my Dillon 750. One is supposed to be from a 308 caliber change kit, and the other is supposed to be from a 7mm Remington Magnum kit. According to Dillon, of the three black rifle casefeed adapters they have, the 308 (standard rifle) will have the shortest "slot" in it, followed by the 7mm/45-70 one, followed by the "Long Belted Magnum" one with the longest slot. The problem I have is that both of the ones I have are identical and I can't figure out which one I actually have (they were both used when I got them, and the parts of the two kits got mixed up). Dillon hasn't replied to my request for actual dimensions yet... So here I am.

Does anyone that has the 308 caliber change kit (or who knows they have the 308 casefeed adapter - Dillon part #13541) have it handy where they can give me a dimension of the slot in it? In particular, I'd like to know the length from the shoulder to the top of the cut (based on how it actually sits in the press).

Thanks in advance!

In a round-about way, I managed to answer my own question. I found an STL file (3D printer) for a 308 casefeed adapter and opened the file to get a dimension. The slot to the shoulder (as per the arrows in my photo above) is ~11/16" on the 308 adapter. BOTH of the adapters I have measure 1-1/4" so it would appear that I have two adapters for 7mm/45-70. Since the one I still need is the 308 one, and I have access to a 3D printer, I printed one out. :cool:

Just gave it a fit test this afternoon, and it fits. Of course, once I went to fit test it, I realized that I could have just set up the parts I had in my Dillon and tested function with both cases. :confused: In the 308 adapter, the case JUST clears the slot when being rotated out to drop into the station 1 feed tray. And the same goes for the 7mm case in it's adapter. With the 7mm adapter, the 308 case has a lot of open space (which I could guess might lead to leaning/stuck cases), while there is no way for the 7mm case to clear the opening in the 308 adapter.


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