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Defense sequester

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kevatc, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Kevatc

    Kevatc Oregon Well-Known Member

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    If memory serves Rand Paul said the sequester was no big deal. I'd like him to tell all these folks that are going to get furloughed or lose their jobs. I can't image how this won't hurt the economy.

    Furloughs to Hit DoD and TRICARE Prime Update | Military.com

    Most of the 800,000 Department of Defense civilian employees will see their workweeks shortened and their pay cut by 20 percent from late April through September, if Congress, as now expected, fails to stop $46 billion in indiscriminate defense budget cuts set to take effect March 1.
  2. dmancornell

    dmancornell Portland, OR New Member

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    People who "work" for the government create absolutely nothing of value and therefore contribute nothing to the economy.

    Get a real job, losers.
  3. salmonriverjohn

    salmonriverjohn N.W Oregon coast, Gods country Well-Known Member

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    A 20% loss of wages for a Govt. worker should just about put them on a par with the rest of us here in the real working world.
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  4. Jarper20

    Jarper20 Monroe New Member

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    The cuts have to start somewhere, 46 billion out of 3.5 trillion is a joke anyway. It's not even really a cut just a denial to an increase in spending. I would rather see it in social programs but until the political scene changes we have to reduce spending wherever we can. I'm tired of the lib tricks with always using defense or schools or police and fire to convince us to spend more money or pay more tax. We can't continue to spend what we don't have.
  5. chariot13

    chariot13 Near Eugene/Springfield Well-Known Member

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    I can understand someone wanting to defend their job no matter who they work for but i believe what is needed is a %100 cut to all taxes. If you can find a government job that don't pay anything from another's time or want to donate %35 of your time for free be my guest. Nobody in the private sector asked to work for free for %35 of their time (taxes). So government workers, %65 of your time is not needed. Donations only.
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  6. trainsktg

    trainsktg Portland OR Well-Known Member

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    I just took a 20% paycut at work. Why should government employees be immune?

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  7. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    9. All political discussion must be directly related to firearms, gun rights, or the second amendment.

    There are many different people here with many different viewpoints on various issues. Like religion, discussing these issues here is highly likely to offend and very little good can come of it. We need to be focusing on the things that bring us together (firearms), not the things that have the potential to divide us (politics).
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