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Dead Horse Buried!

Ok - after another debate on another forum about you know what - I bought a tube of Tetra Grease and applied it to the bolt grooves of my 121 year old Winchester and it turned it into, well a 121 year old Winchester that is as smooth as silk!

NOW this particular rifle is rare in that it is essentially like new inside and has probably been fired very little and the internals are very sharp and unworn and I recently did a complete takedown and cleaning as it has sat in a closet for over 50 years when I got it but the Tetra grease really slicked it up.

Cycling the action of this rifle is is a very 'satisfying' experience!
Never used moly but this stuff is as good, or better then Cherry Balmz (which I really like as well) but is much less expensive - but doesn't smell as good!

I also just applied it to my 1966, 1866 Commemorative Winchester which is well, not the smoothest action I have ever experienced, and has taken a lot of work to get running well, and the Tetra grease has really made a difference with it also.


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Old rifles like Garands, M14s run on grease. The old standard Lubriplate I have used for years.
I have used Tetra grease and it works well. My problem with it is it is exspensive. Mobil one synthetic is
superior in all military tests for washout and low and high temperature, ect. than Lubriplate. I have been
using it for several years now. Works great. Buy it at the automotive store or Amazon it is a fraction of
the price for a little tube of Tetra grease.;)
If a firearm needs a little grease I use Lubriplate been using it since college when I first got introduced to it in connection with doing brake jobs. Read up on it and saw it was used on M1 Garands in WWII


I've used Tetra gun grease on my Glocks for years now. Unlike 1911s which like to run wet with slickum, Glocks just need a bit of grease. Tetra penetrates the metal parts and leaves them slick with less grease than an application of Lubriplate. That said, JohnnyGlocks uses lubriplate where the connector interfaces with the trigger bar. I guess that area needs more grease.

Doesn't tetra contain moly?
Not as far as I know... it is a fluoropolymer. No molybdenum.

Where do you get Tetra Grease? Lazy minds want to know. :cool::D
If you can't find it at Bi-Mart, it is usually on Amazon or Ebay. Just make sure you get the grease, because Tetra has other products.


I have gone through a couple tubes of Tetra. Good stuff. Especially if the firearm is going to be sitting in the safe for a while. I have used Mobil one applied with a pipette for years. I run synthetic in all my rigs and let the empty jug drain into a glass container for storage. I like Outers graphite lube for rifles that have to function below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I have purchased Tetra at Sportsman's also. Not able to do much hunting these days but my G20 loves Mobil 1.
I've used Tetra oil and grease for years. The only down side is the smell of the Tetra oil. And the fact that you have to shake well before using as it will separate in storage.

Capn Jack

I've found Lubriplate, or baby $hat as we used to call it, was OK for the M1, but tends to collect debris and dry out over time.:(
My AR's run great on a light coat of trans II, or Mobil 1 and the, "Blow Backs", like it wet.:p
Hoppe's #9 is a good cleaner, but tends to get sticky if not followed with a lube.:rolleyes:


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