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    I need to sell my new custom built AR to pay my buisness taxes. It has about 60 rounds through it and is a very fast shooter. I set it up for competition and it comes with many upgrades. $3250 for everything.

    2012 AR Daniel Defense Upper
    Full barrel length Free Floating Aluminum Handguard
    Magpul Angled Foregrip
    Magpul Collapsible Stock
    Elite 6500 1.25x8 Scope
    Leupold Mark 4 AR base
    Cerakote Ceramic FDE Coating
    Trigger Set Upgrade
    Tactical Link sling quick disconnect convertible Tri Glide
    Tactical Link Battery Assist Lever
    Qty (420) rounds
    Qty (4) 30 round 556 Pmags
    556 Ammo Can
    Gun Sock
    Scope Cover
    556 bore snake
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