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I'm in the Lakewood/Tacoma area of Washington for face to face deals (preferred). I'm happy to ship anywhere in the United States for an additional $50.

This is a Dan Wesson model 15-2, which is their medium frame .357 target model. I acquired this pretty recently and put a couple hundred rounds through it, but I just have too many revolvers and not enough money right now.



This is a complete pistol pack, PLUS some extras that the previous owner added. Here's the breakdown:

- Dan Wesson Model 15-2 .357 Magnum
- Barrels: complete with short lug shrouds in 2.5", 4", 6", and 8"
- Extra full lug shroud in 6" (featured in the two photos above)
- Sights: 4 replacement front sights, white and yellow
- Grips: target presentation grips, finger groove grips, and Hogue rubber grips
- Tools: original barrel wrench/multitool, extra fancy barrel wrench, barrel gauges
- Extras: original case, paperwork, belt buckle, and patch

It's got everything and then some. It's hard enough to find a pack with all the original goodies, much less one with even MORE than that.


The 6" full lug barrel shroud, which was not part of the original pack, shows wear in the form of some dings and pitting (see the first photo above). The other shrouds show no wear. The bluing is slightly cloudy on one part the right side of the frame. Overall, this firearm is in phenomenal condition. There's just not much wear to speak of at all.

Various possible configurations of barrel length + grip combinations:

Asking $950 OBO for this fantastic collection of Dan Wesson bricabrac. Please, make an offer! I'm not interested in any sort of straight-across trade, since I really need money from this, but I might think about a partial trade of some sort.

Oh, if you come buy it in person, I'll throw in EVEN MORE extras (since I really don't feel like shipping).
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Hi Carbo,

Does the serial number on the case match the SN on the frame? Also interested in the "extras" you mentioned if done FTF. Other extras you did list, i.e. case, patch, buckle, & paperwork were actually part of the pistol pac package.
FYI if you notice the different logos on the buckle and the patch that indicates the patch was from an earlier vintage 15-2. Thanks.

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