BE6A1DB6-9A30-44A4-9A8C-D83089D3C8DA.jpeg 8CF0F183-F1BF-42CF-BC69-E5BC78454211.jpeg EB1C85AA-E512-481E-AD92-B3B48AFED314.jpeg FD611C50-60D8-4090-BA42-3547B1278086.jpeg CZ SP01 9mm in great condition. It’s had 300-ish rounds through it. The internals have been upgraded with Cajun Gun Works parts. Flat trigger, hammer, safety, sear, etc. It is set up as SAO. It comes with all the original stock parts as well. Comes with Box and 8 mags!


*My plans have changed and the SP01 is no longer for sale*

Next is a Colt 1911 WWI reproduction. This is the WMK with Carbonia deep blue. This is unfired with a custom case. Very well done. There were only 4,000 of these made. Nice collector pistol.


503-995-8090 feel free to call or text anytime.

Thanks much
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