Cut Down Logging Property?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by Will_Power, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I tend to drive through stretches of fully cut-down and seemingly abandoned stretches of logged forest around the NW (I live in Portland) - what are the laws about shooting there? Is it fine unless there are notices?

    I know that trespassing might be an issue, for one, but for all this talk about where to find outdoor shooting spots, they seem like they'd be an obvious cantidate to this non-native if they are a legal option...
  2. DK47

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    Those are good q's, I normally head out west and hit up an old logging road or two, a lot of them have abandoned roads that are like ranges.

    I think the only thing you have to make sure is it's not protected, or private land. It also has to be outside city limits, no shooting across roads, be mindful of your backstop, don't shoot trees, and police your brass.

    My friends and I have been met by a Sheriff at our vehicles after dark from a logging road shoot, and the only thing he was concerned about was spiking, and littering. He saw we were bringing our brass and our target stands back with us so he left us alone, but all it takes is one LEO to go to the spot you were shooting find one shell casing on the ground and get you for littering.

    my .02 Hope this helps...
  3. chainsaw

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    Go to a forest service office and see if they have maps that have federal property marked on them.Pretty much any public library would also have maps of your area.
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    If it is on private logging company land, most, if not all of them don't allow shooting on there land. If it is state land you can shoot just about anywhere.
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    The official Oregon State Highway map, available free everywhere at "visitor's centers", clearly shows the boundaries of State and Federal forests, where sensible shooting is allowed unless posted against. Everything else is either private land or Native Reservation land. DO NOT take out guns on Reservation lands! They are independent nations with their own laws---and firearms are not allowed without Reservation permit except driving through on the highway. Technically, if you even pull off the highway with a gun in your car you violate Native law.

    Be sure that you are far from any homes. If nobody hears you then nobody will complain to the law........................elsullo

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