Custom Savage long range rifle. Model 111 in 260 Remington

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    Well guys, after I put this together in 2010 I took it to the range one rainy afternoon in winter, barely shot it. 6 rounds to put it on paper, swabbed it after each shot, took it home & cleaned it, then in the safe it has sat since as I have gone through many projects between then & now. It has become the proverbial "Safe Queen"
    Please look here ------->
    This will be like buying a new custom rifle. All bedding and stock work done has been done right & tidy. (Devcon & high quality automotive urethane paints and clearcoat used)
    The stock has a long length of pull that is setup for a big guy. The spacer can be removed fairly easily & the screw holes will still be underneath for reuse.
    I will sell for $900 without scope or bipod. & will consider part trades at a $1075.00 trade value for:

    1) Leica or other high end range finder + cash
    2) pre-charged pneumatic air rifle + cash
    3) Newer compound bow + cash or kids bow & cash or both + cash.

    Washington residents must go to a ffl dealer with me to complete the transaction but Oregon residents ca do a face to face deal with me according to law, show of identification and bill of sale.

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