Custom Safari Rifles in 375H&H and 416 Rigby--GONE

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    Hey Guys,
    This first gun is an excellent condition ZKK-602 imported by Les Bauska. Mid-1980s production. It was later sent off to David Gentry for a once over and the installation of his 3-Position safety. This is a good rifle, ready to run.

    Price is $1000, plus $25 to ship.
    More photos can be seen: HERE!!!

    This second gun I bought recently thinking I was going to use it for another project, but I'm just not going to get around to it.

    It's a 00 model CZ 550 Safari Magnum in 416Rigby. I don't know who did the work to the gun, but it looks and functions well. A list of the obvious:
    *Filled, straightened and 4-Panel Checkered Bolt
    *ERA Rear Sight
    *Banded front sight with Flip-Up night sight
    *Slightly shortened stock with new recoil pad
    *Shortened fore end with repositioned sling stud.
    *Cross bolted and glassed.

    Price is $1185 plus $25 shipping.
    More photos can be seen: HERE!!!
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