Converted Saiga 12 SOLD

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    This is a converted Saiga 12 shotgun with galil wood forend and a Yugo M76 pistol grip with a CNC Warrior buttstock and sidefolding attachment on an Ace rear adapter. Includes choke adapter and full winchoke choke. 19 inch barrel. US made Bolt,trigger and hammer have been polished and profiled for easy mag insertion on a closed bolt, Ports have been opened up to run on everything from light 2 3/4 walmart bird shot to 3 inch magnum shells with the supplied gunfixr gas plug. Comes with 3-10 round mags, 1-12 round mag, one factory 5 round mag . Some Saigas have problems until they get tuned and broken in. This one has been fully tuned and broken in and will run on whatever it gets fed. Perfect gun for blasting a flock of geese out of the air with buck shot.

    $1000 ftf or $900 with the factory forend and a black SAW grip or PM

    Optional are a new factory Izsmash 8 round magazine for $130 and a new never installed fresh off the presses self regulating gas plug for $45.



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