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CNN is reporting that the Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, who was possibly murdered by at least one hollow point bullet.

They further state, "Hollow-point bullets are controversial because the slug is designed to expand after it enters a body, causing greater damage to tissue than a solid bullet."

Since when are hollow point bullets controversial? Is that why our Law Enforcement personnel carry them?

You must love these people who try to exaggerate the issues when relating to firearms. I'm sure there are a lot of sheeple out there now wanting to ban this controversial ammunition and they'll cite this article as why.
Here's the original link:
Hollywood publicist's killer used hollow-point bullet, report says -

All journalists can do is repeat each other, because they're too busy getting the story to gain any real-world experience. I don't believe that this kind of incompetence is the province of any particular type of thinker. The same kind of ignorant fate befalls the minority of journalists who write from a conservative perspective, BTW, and it can be pretty embarrassing to read their screeds.

The problem is a mass media business which grades their employees on the number of eyeballs they bring, rather than whether anything they say is insightful, perceptive, or even remotely true. What do you want to bet that the author of that piece has no idea that every single PD packs HP ammo? Mr. Duke probably heard something about the crazy New Jersey law is all, and took it from there.

New Jersey State Police - Transportation and Use of Hollow Point Ammunition by Sportsmen


they are pulling out the Geneva Convention

Lawful weapons of war are covered in the SEVERAL Geneva and Hague accords. In very general terms, ammunition may not be designed to cause "undue suffering"

Historically, the US military has seen itself prohibited from using such ammo by the Geneva Convention and Hague Accords. There has been much debate over exactly who signed on to what in those long ago days, though my reading is the later treaties do seem to have the signatories agreeing to be bound by earlier agreements those nations hadn't signed. That's a moot point at the moment because it's clear these agreements touch only upon declared international warfare by nation-states. The US Army's Judge Advocate General's office has long since determined such constraints do not apply to American action against terrorists, as in the current conflict.
Last Edited:
*sigh* yep I was thinking the same as you when I read this. We (as gun owners & people who carry) just have to explain to people who don't own guns-- where and whenever we can-- how hollow-points actually differ from fmj's and why they're less likely to injure or kill innocent bystanders when used in a self-defense situations. If a hollow-point hits a wall or some other solid object, it's less likely to pass through and keep going, etc.

Of course, the story was about a criminal murder, so we all know that makes it an entirely different thing than a law-abiding person defending themselves! But if the killer had been using fmj's they might've killed more than just this unfortunate victim.

The story reads like shock-fodder, that's for sure. Lame side-effect of big media outlets needing to crank out content 24/7 & get eyes on their stories...
I was foaming at the mouth when I heard the CNN report replayed on the news. Give me a freakin' break! So if the perp had shot her with FMJ he was just trying to wound or warn her???? :s0054: But OH NO, he used the ultra deadly evil hollow point bullets. These are only the type of bullets the local PD, FBI, DEA, CIA, FDA, Border Patrol, US Marshalls, US Customs. Border Patrol, etc, etc, etc, use. What a freakin' moron!
One thing to consider is the woman was shot through her car door negating the intended effects of bullet expansion in flesh and likely having a less damaging effect than a FMJ would have under the circumstances.
I think that a round of ammo that was not designed to kill would be more controversial than a round that was designed to kill. The former is a no-brainer; the latter would make me scratch my head.
Soon there will be a report on the horrible effects of rock salt loads.... The salt can enter the flesh and actually sting you!
I'm reminded of Mark Twain's quote: "It's not what you don't know that upsets's what you think you know that ain't so." Ignorance and misinformation has never gotten in the way of a good story.
Isn't this what happened to the Black Talons?

Well they would expand and the 'talons' would severe arteries and the person would bleed to death.

I believe that's why he was shot in the first place?

Seems they are trying to find a ban of some sort,instead of just attacking the guns.
Well to save the life of the person who is shot, I propose a bullet with a sodium metal interior so that the wound will be cauterized instantly... Or, maybe a buckshot load with Quik Clot buffer material... We can be humane and protect ourselves... :)
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