WTS OR Condor MOPC Plate Carrier & Pouches (Multicam)

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    Located in SE Portland
    Price: $160 obo, no trades
    Condition: Used, Good Condition
    Please do not offer me $50 dollars and want me to meet you half way to Salem. I will ignore any replies. I am changing out of multicam and went a different route. Will Not Separate pouches, you get them all
    No Plates Included: I do have side plates for sale separately
    Link: https://www.northwestfirearms.com/threads/ar500-armor-side-plates-trauma-pads.207160/

    Plate Carrier
    Condor MOPC Multi Cam, carriers 10x12 Shooter cuts front and back, side fits 6x6 & 6x8.

    Condor VA6 - M4 Mag Insert (tan): 1 has bungie shingles, 1 has no Shingles. Total of 2. I had 2 because sometimes I like running without bungies.
    Condor MA8 - Utility Pouch (Multicam)
    Condor MA24 - Double Open-Top M14 Mag Pouch (Multicam): Missing Bungies
    Condor MA55 - Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch (Multicam)
    Condor MA27 - Triple Open-Top M4 Mag Pouch (Multicam): Total of 2



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