Coming to Portland/Salem 2/16-2/17 Lots of reloading equipment

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    Coming to Portland/Salem 2/16-2/17 Lots of misc ammo .308, 30-06, 45-70, .300wm, rare
    I will consider trades, only thing I am looking for is Lone Eagle or Competitor pistol in .308 or larger caliber. Reloading equipment is always good. Also 32-20 brass. Leupold Vari-X II scopes too.

    Please post, "I will take...." if you want it, but I will not consider the deal finalized until we have exchanged emails, texts or a phone call. At that time, it will be marked as "sold pending FTF". I will do my absolute best to go in order, but the best way to insure your "place" in the order list is to text me.

    I do NOT sell junk. I back up what I am selling and will make it right with you if an unknown problem pops up. I would only sell guns, ammo, and components that I would shoot myself. I WILL NEVER INTENTIONALLY RIP SOMONE OFF. Just call me and I will make it right.

    If you don't think my prices are right, let me know. But, don't try to rip me off, my prices (as far as I was able to research them) are pretty firm. I don't need your lowball offers. If you buy in quantity, I am willing to discount a little.
    Randy 541-306-1399

    I will be adding much more to the list, so check back often!


    Chrony Master Gamma New in Box $195
    Chrony Master Beta new in box $140
    Mitutoyo Digital Caliper Accuracy +/_ .005” New in Package $20
    RCBS Case Length Gauge (dial calipers) in box and case with all instructions and paperwork $15
    Dillon Square Deal B excellent condition, complete and ready to go with conversion and carbide dies for .40 S&W $325 ($275 without conversion and dies)
    RCBS FL Die Set .270, Brand new, $30
    RCBS FL Die Set .300 Win Mag, excellent condition/like new, $28
    RCBS 3-die Carbide Set .44mag /44 special,brand new, $42
    RCBS Decap Die .27-.45cal Heavy Duty, brand new, $20
    RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center, brand new, $110

    Lyman Turbo 3200 Brass Tumbler:

    To meet the special needs of the high volume reloaders Lyman offers our Large Capacity 3200 Model. The 3200 will clean 1000 .38 special cases per cycle. Features heavy duty frame and motors.

    Retails for $213! This unit just came back from the factory with an entirely new bottom end (motor, suspension, etc). Comes full of walnut media for just $120
    Lyman Turbo Twin Tumbler 600/1200 P/N: 7631327

    Lyman’s Turbo Twin Tumbler has fast become one of the most popular choices of reloaders around the world. The Twin features our Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler with an extra, 600 bowl system. Reloaders may use each bowl interchangeably for small or large capacity loads. 600 Bowl System is also ideal for rock polishing or other hobbies requiring small polishing or deburring operations. 1200 Pro Bowl System has a built-in sifter lid for easy sifting of cases and media at the end of the polishing cycle. This year the Twin Tumbler features the new Lyman Hi-Profile base design with built-in exciters and anti-rotation pads for faster, more consistent tumbling action.

    Retails for $93! This unit just works perfectly. Comes full of walnut media for just $50
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