WTS WA Come pick brass @ my range! $1.50/lb - Bucket provided

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    Hello fellow reloaders, I have something new for you:

    Blueberry farms are so yesterday... So how about this: Same concept - but it's a brass farm!

    I run a very busy range that receives lots of brass. I am able to collect most of it but over time a lot of it starts gathering on the ground, and requires time to gather, which I do not have. It is mostly pistol brass but as you can see in the pictures there is always some rifle brass laying around. Condition ranges from just fired and beautiful, to slightly tarnished, or too tarnished for me to box up and sell (but still reloadable!).

    How does this work:
    This is not something I will do on a walk-in basis. I want to make sure there is enough brass on the ground to make it worth your visit, so I will be limiting how many people can come per week and pick brass. Picking can be done during scheduled periods from Wednesday through Sunday.

    Write me a PM to get yourself on the appointment list and I will choose pickers in order of PMs received.
    Make sure you include the following in the PM:
    - What types of brass are you looking for (please no obscure or expensive calibers, as they do not lay around)
    - Phone number & also whether text or call is preferred

    Our range is the Issaquah Sportsmen's Club.

    The rules are simple:
    When you arrive at the range, check in with me first - don't just go out and start picking up brass, as this is forbidden at our range and will only get you kicked out. I will give you buckets and the go-ahead.

    On to the fun part:
    You can pick as much of any brass that is laying on the ground as you want. Pick 100lbs for all I care.
    The only rule is do not pick any brass out of buckets.

    When you're done, we'll weigh your pickin's, multiply by $1.50 and that will be your total cost.

    Here are some pictures to get an idea of the average loot laying around:






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