WTS OR Colt Wiley Clapp lightweight commander 1911

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    Colt Talo Wiley Clapp Commander (o4840WC) in excellent factory original condition. Comes with what you see pictured. (Wiped down with a silicone cloth, so they're a little shiny.)

    70 Series, low three-digit special serial number, National Match barrel Pete Single checkering on front strap, MSH, and beveled magwell, tactical oval grips with fringer checkering, limited run, etc.

    Lockup, frame to fit, and everything is pretty stinking tight and this shoots lights out. Bought it as new and put 100 rounds of Winchester white box thru it. Shot as well as my Ed Brown Kobra Carry (i.e. it's more accurate than me), trigger is really nice.

    Jumped on it at Keith's because I'd been searching far and wide for one. Turns out I can't get over the forward cocking serrations and am going to search for one without them.


    Cash only—except I'd trade if you have the exact same pistol without FCS.

    WC 1.JPG WC 2.JPG WC 3.JPG
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