WTB OR Colt Match Target, 4", 3rd Series, Excellent or Better Wanted

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by RetiredLEO, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Thank you.

    I have found most of what I have been looking for, but I need a FTF, cash, Colt Match Target, 4" , no pits, rust, damage, etc., excellent or better, please. I will meet the seller 1/2 way for the right Colt at a fair price. Photos would be appreciated.
    I would also be willing to trade a (mens?) 18k, 1.6 oz., gold, heavy link, neck chain, with a signed, cast 14k Kestrel claw created by a well respected Spokane (Duncan) artist, holding a sapphire that is valued at $2861.00 for the right gun.

    Thank you very much.


    Semper Fi !
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