Colt Delta V Glock 20 WTB

I don't know where ya put these,but I'm looking for one or the other.
Nobody (including distributors) seem to have them.There are a few on GB
Know of any for sale? Is the Colt worth the extra $400+?
And I like my Glocks,so the Tupperware V steel thing doesn't work.

hey thanks and move if necessary.
It seems like Colt only makes them in very occasional batches. I want one too but haven't been able to find one.

At some point there will be a bunch of them showing up - you just need to be ready to pounce when they do.
I love the Colt Delta Elite (true "blue blood" a mix of Colt and Dillon blue;). Had a DE years ago (as well as a Springfield Omega) and sold it to my dad, he still has it and won't sell it back. As much as I love the Colt and will have another one day, the Glock is a better pistol for the 10mm Auto round.

The 1911 was never meant to take the punishment of full power 10mm loads and they WILL kill the gun. I've only seen two that didn't make it, one the frame was cracking around the takedown pin hole, the other had cracks in the frame rails. I knew the history of both guns and it hadn't taken all that much normal 10mm auto ammunition to damage the guns. Now, that's only two Colts out of how many ever made, but I've not seen all that many over the years, so for me, it's a pretty large sample. "Dad's" DE shoots relatively light loads of 180gr TC bullets at about 920fps. It's a fun gun to shoot, but not ever really stretching the legs of the 10mm. basically a 40 caliber 1911 (which seems really silly when you think about it).

The G20 (G20SF) on the other hand is a beast. I've had two different G20s in the past and had to sell them for various reasons, but never because there was any problem with them. I carried a Smith & Wesson 1076 for a couple years and shot a good amount of Norma ammunition through it, enough so that the slide was loose on the frame. A good gun, but another that wouldn't stand up to the full power 10mm loads. My first G20 saw at least as much "full strength" (Norma) ammunition go through it as the 1076 and without any signs of fatigue. The G20 was built from the ground up to be a 10mm and handle the ammo, then "changed" to the 45ACP and the G21 was born. Most pistols (like the 1911) start life as a 45ACP then are made into 10mm.

For a "powerful sidearm" for going outdoors, camping, whatever where else are you going to find something as reliable, inexpensive, readily available and relatively lightweight. The Glock isn't pretty like a Colt, but as above, it's a better gun. Unfortunately the 10mm Auto cartridge has been pushed out of the lime light pretty much by the 40 S&W and is now has kinda a cult following, but does live on. Winchester has a 175gr Silvertip loading at a reported 1290fps which is pretty stout. I know there are a few others out there too, just not something so readily available.

I'm down to only one 10mm these days, an old Smith & Wesson 610, but will have a new G20SF before the end of the summer; one of my little goals in life. In a nutshell, if you want a unique and cool Colt, get the Delta Elite, but don't expect a long life if its digesting full power 10mm loads. For a gun that will snack on every 10mm load out there and ask for more, the G20 is the way to go.

...and no discussion regarding the 10mm Auto would be complete without the following pic!

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I just ordered a G20 today.I can 2 for the price of a DE.And a guy in Renton has a ION treated DE for $1400.
Almost 3 G20s!

Oh the shop bought it off Gun Broker for me ,cause there ain't any around.

Now an extended barrel and a 9mm for my G22.


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