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angry dave

9583066B-C9AD-41F5-8F99-AE3604F0889F.jpeg 14A5F64A-D353-4B29-8864-2B9B8EA4F2C3.jpeg I have this .58 caliber Springfield, and want some help. There is a K 10 behind the hammer and it is stamped 1864. Anyone know of a regiment that this may have come from?

Had it a long time and figured this may be the place to get an answer. Thanks in advance.
Good Looking Rifled Musket...nice to see what appears to be a original sling as well...very cool.

Your question , while a good one , may be difficult to answer , if there are no other unit markings...Lots of "K" Companies and 10th Regiments...during the war and after , at both the State and Federal level.
The 1864 series of Rifled Muskets were used well after the war as well...so it could easily be a Post War number....

Something else to keep in mind here..just because its a Rifled Musket , does not mean that it was actually issued to a Infantry Unit...plenty of Cavalry units , again at both a State and Federal level were issued "Infantry Arms"...

Or it could be a "rack number" of some sort , not a Unit ID...
It may even be a foreign marking...as many of these arms were sold overseas after the war...
( That said , it appears to my eye as a US stamping of some sort )

I'll look through my books today and see if I can add to the confusion...
Yeah 60-80 grains of 2F and a .58 mine ball will solve most any issues one can run into...:D
Again neat rifled musket...and I am glad to hear that it still goes out hunting...
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