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How Guns Are Sold In American Wal-Marts, Chinese Reactions – chinaSMACK

I’d like to ask the lou zhu a question. It may be very naive but please be so kind as to give me an answer. Since guns are sold like this in America, is their government not afraid of social problems? Right now in Shanghai, the supermarkets selling cooking knives have also locked them inside glass display cases like this.


Because the hostility between their people is not as deep as it is with us, which is to say they are harmonious in the true meaning and not river crab. Hehe.


China bans guns and aside from political reasons, it may be because the government has considered that there are too many neurotic people in China, people who will bark/howl for no reason. If these kind of people had guns, imagine how bad it would be. (I’m referring to the issue, not people, so I hope certain people will keep that in mind before responding).


I think the American Constitution has a part that says the citizens have the right to overthrow an authoritarian government…it is what I have heard, not sure if it is true or not.
But in China, that is not possible, and the key is that the character of the people [on average] is not there yet. If firearms were available for sale in China, then we’d probably have to wear bullet-proof vests in order to go out.


Our country’s people have treachery/trouble-making in their bones. You can see it now, in all of China, no one respects anyone else. Learned men scorn each other and military men are lowly to each other, this place cursing that place. If everyone in China had guns, then the country would be torn apart. Even though everyone speaks Chinese, everyone has a different heart. Are we lacking lessons from history?!!


Only with citizens who have high restraint and a society with relatively few injustices would [a country] dare be like this.


Imagine for a moment, if we were to sell guns in this manner, I think those domestic tigers, birds, bears, these animals basically could no longer survive.
Interesting view points... I like the one from the site that says their countries population would be halfed within 10 years if they had the same access to guns as americans.


The Chinese people seem to understand the right to keep and bear arms better than half our own society does...
The Mao quote is:
"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."
"Problems of War and Strategy" (November 6, 1938), Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 224.

I see this guy's opinion as the flipside of our old bromide, "An armed society is a polite society."

The Chinese aren't polite because they don't have to be. Nobody will paste you one in the nose if you try to cheat them, cut in front of them in line, or serve their food cold. Strangely, theirs is a pretty low-stress interchange, since nobody takes it personally.

It's even reflected in their driving styles, the way everybody cuts everybody off, everybody leans on the horn, nobody gives anybody a break even when it would help all concerned, and yet the drivers don't seem to get mad - or get even. They just accept it.

China is a whole nation of chiselers who are better capitalists than Americans in the most Machiavellian sense, but they're trapped by the stereotypical Asian fear of failure. They reward success, but they punish failure so much more severely that their senses of creativity and inspiration are utterly extinguished by their family and educational norms.

Here's an interesting example: Remember the tainted baby-formula scandal? Nobody in China cared so long as the dead babies were all foreigners, but as soon as Chinese babies started to die, they had to find a few businessmen to try and execute for their crimes. Flash forward a year or so, and the Chinese babies start to die again. Somebody used the same load of tainted powder to make formula all over again! Sure enough, businessmen knew they'd end up tried and executed, but they just couldn't resist the temptation of a quick buck.

I've travelled extensively in China and Korea over the past five years, usually with native speakers, and I even married myself one.
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