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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Snakedoctor42, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Snakedoctor42

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    So im buying this .38 pistol and wanted to know what people thought of it. Accuracy, reliability, depedability.
  2. jim97701

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    I have one of these that is almost always by my side because it is very easy to conceal in my pocket or car. Reliability and dependability are excellent and accuracy is what you would expect from a snubby 38 revolver (The closer the better :laugh:) There are many guns out there that I would'nt trust to defend myself with, This is not one of them.
  3. jonn5335

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    I never really cared for charter arms because I was shooting with a buddy and his charter arms .357. His rounds were hitting everywhere. I was joking with him because he's not a great shot. He handed me the pistola and I popped off a few shots and noticed that the whole barrel should/sleeve was loose on the barrel. The shroud would freely twist during firing moving the shroud which the front sight is mounted on with every shot.

    on another note I know a guy that has 3 undercovers and loves them but he probably has less then 200 rounds out of each of them and has never had any problems.
  4. rocky3

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    My experience with Charter Arms is a little loc-tite on screws make for a very dependable gun.
  5. Judahbears

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    I just purchased one, shot it a few times and it is very accurate.
  6. mjbskwim

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    I was giving a friend crap about buying a Charter arms 38,until we shot the thing and it was very accurate.Maybe not all of them but this one was.

    And we concur with rocky3,locktite will be handy
  7. Mark W.

    Mark W.
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    I have a current model Charter Arms Undercover model 73820 the std Stainless in .38 +P

    I have shot it a lot at the Gun Club and what I have found is:

    The only thing +P ammo does is make more noise and a larger ball of flame while ruining the accuracy.

    Using 125gr JHP, RN, FP ammo with mild loads leds to a very accurate load. Hand held from a rest I can easily shoot 2.5" groups of 5 at 10 yards. Standing off hand they open up to 4-5" groups (shooters fault obviously)

    Recoil with +P is pretty stout but easily managable. Recoil with a load suited to a 2" barrel (see Speers new reloading manual for loads suited to 2" barrel revolvers) the recoil is very resonable and my wife who is not a regular shooter but is an experianced shooter will gladly shoot 50 rds in a session with no comments about recoil.

    Quality wise I have never had any isssues with either this pistol or the Bulldog Pug in .44spl. I have had and carried off and on for 25 years.

    Charter is an American company and has an excellent warrenty.

    Keep in mind this is a pistol designed for very short range self defense its not a deer hunting handgun nor is it designed for bear killing rounds. Load it with a round that can burn 80% or more of the powder before the ball exits the barrel and you will have a small compact easy to handle pistol with the accuracy to put 5 rounds into center of mass at out to 10-15 yds with ease.

    I prefer aggressive designed 125gr slugs at approx. 800-850fps from the 2" barrel.
  8. SynapticSilence

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    Speer makes a .38 Special +P round for concealed carry short-barreled revolvers. It's specifically designed to burn quickly, create leas flash, and maximize velocity. It's what I carry in my Ruger 3" SP101 .357.
  9. mud

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    dont know first hand but have been looking in to the same thing forums reviews feedback seems 50-50 but for the same $ range you could get a taurus 85 seems to have alot more happy owners but I haven't quite made up mind
  10. DeanMk

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    Great ol' name from the 60's.
    If the one you're considering is one of those (and I wouldn't know how to tell the difference), you'll have a fine shootin' arm (if it was taken care of).
    The Undercover's main claim to fame was that it was as compact as a Chief's Special, but it was lighter, and thus easier to pack around, due to its aluminum frame.
    At 16 oz., their famous claim was that it was the lightest 5-shot .38 snubbie on the market.
    However, Charter Arms may be better remembered for it's 5-shot .44 Special "Bulldog".
    Pretty much the only gun chambered for that fine old round for many years.
    Unfortunately, THAT Charter Arms went out of business in the 1980's.
    The company has tried to come out of receivership a number of times since then, but the guns they made have been sub-standard examples and pretty much all the shooters who have experienced those guns will advise that you look elsewhere.
    One varient was "Charter 2000".
    If the gun you're considering is that brand, the general consensus is that you pass on that one.
    As for the current version of Charter Arms, while ANY comments are few and far between, those that I have heard have been favourable.
    If you really have doubts about the condition of the gun you're considering and whether or not it is safe to shoot, make it a contingency of the deal to have it examined by a reputable gunsmith and have them evaluate it.
    That's the only way you're ever going to be absolutely sure.


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