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Rifle is in pretty good shape considering its age, the bore is still nice and shiny although not the tightest.

Numbers aren't matching. Discreetly import marked though.

I'll include 20 rounds of surplus 6.5 Swedish and 20 rounds of PPU ammo, as well as an oiler bottle and about 30 rounds of brass to the buyer.

Price is OBO, this is on my C&R and as such can go to your C&R license too

C30366CF-6A39-4B2E-B173-02FA688EC116.jpeg ADA81557-17A0-4073-84AD-04A0960698D5.jpeg 93CDB668-0EEF-450B-AEC3-D4773D019CF7.jpeg 014F3B70-C5A8-4047-9B55-14DAA1D4615F.jpeg 62126DE0-249B-4B26-9A20-E289C596D41C.jpeg 706F0B33-A6B4-4261-A234-7341E546EE3C.jpeg 02EAB9A3-0A45-4B02-9015-65935C2E9A03.jpeg 74E7BB5F-3B55-44AF-AECD-DDCA37929303.jpeg F77A2227-5B23-4A1C-A8BD-39B41F400CBF.jpeg 5A25A45F-E65B-4941-8DB9-A100585E57A2.jpeg AE9DEA2B-ECA5-4304-B7B3-BC4137D9000F.jpeg 1BEEFDB0-274A-42A6-9A7B-9F18E04141C5.jpeg 0E57E15F-6CE3-4771-94A7-5C5E82AAA7B6.jpeg D4AFA49D-0F04-43E6-B5C2-4BAF9C237F0B.jpeg DC97CBA7-1EB0-49CB-A166-8DFF07369177.jpeg 81927294-07C2-45D6-B1A3-2743D7293B06.jpeg C95C9DB5-3CE4-482E-A72D-EA2DA04B7D17.jpeg 7D750455-5206-472B-B3D2-426F97CC2D02.jpeg
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Sooo tempting! Before anyone goes "Oh no, they ruined it with the holes in the receiver!" you should know that those holes look like they are for the Soderin Diopter Target Rear Sight, my second favorite after the GF :)

Excellent deal, GLWYS!

Dimensions on sight holes here

Thank you for the info @VinnieBoomBah!

For you or anyone else interested, I'll likely be traveling to Vancouver next weekend and could meet in the greater PDX area for an interested party
There's also Elit and Pramm sights. I see now there was a "Faldt" sight too, that I hadn't seen before this. You can find them. They are rather expensive though t about $200.00 +/-. At a glance the hole pattern looks the same, but there is a slight difference between them. Those sights were never used by the Swedish military, they were drilled for civilian competition after being released from military duty. they loved their competitions. One other thing. 1925 is a rather rare bird. Not a lot of them manufactured in 1925.

It's tempting. After I got my 1902 M96/38 several years ago I was yearning for a drilled receiver rifle to get a diopter for, thinking it might help because of my eyesight.
Some photos you may consider adding. A picture under the wrist behind the trigger guard of the stampings that indicate how many times it went into the arsenal. And which arsenal if anything had been changed. And a picture from the back of the bolt of the cocking piece to see if the number matches. Any pictures you didn't get already of numbers and crown stamps. There are three different crown stamps denoting who manufactured the part. With two being most common If you've had it a part you'll notice the Swede's numbered the stock to the guns originally. And the firing pin is numbered also.

I hope you don't mind me giving my input here. This information will help someone make a decision about buying. That price seems more than fair for someone looking for their first "Swede". The added info may be what causes someone to pull the trigger. Pun intended!
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