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WTS OR Carbon Fiber Barreled Custom Long Range Setup

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Quaka Wacka, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Quaka Wacka

    Quaka Wacka SW Washington Member

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    300RUM Carbon One Custom built on trued rem 700 action and tuned rem trigger set to 2.5# Built by Chritensen Arms. Bedded into HS Precision stock by Wayne York. Removable titanium muzzle break with Ti thread protector. Recoil similar to a .270 or 06. Wyatts extended OAL mag box.(measured it at 3.80") Match grade 26" carbon fiber wrapped barrel 1:12 twist. Scratch on top of tang. BDL floor plate. It weighs 7# 11oz with the 20moa base and foam/shellholder on the stock.

    To be honest this rifle just shot ok when I bought it from Christensen. Mostly MOA or better. It was good enough for me and my ability at the time. A year later I sent it to Wayne York in Pendleton for the extended mag, and he suggested bedding it, including the first few inches of the barrel. He had done it to several CF barrels and said it drastically improved accuracy. When I got it back there was such a noticeable difference that I moved load development and testing out to 200yards. It's not picky with powders or bullets, and will likely shoot factory ammo well too. The only bullet I couldn't get to shoot was, the 230gr Bergers. They are too heavy/long to stabilize with this twist barrel. (I had a feeling but tried anyway;)

    My goto load is a 200gr accubond factory second over Ramshot Magnum. It gives me 3225fps, and shoots 3shots at 1"-1.5" @ 300 yards very consistently. I have other data from load testing as well.

    It has 330 shots down the barrel. It is truly a turn key long range setup. I had a backpack 300WSM built a few years back and my RUM rarely sees action anymore. I also have a 338 NM being built, to be less mobile version of my RUM. So long story longer this rifle needs a new home.

    Two bases-
    Leupold dovetail style 2 piece mount
    20MOA Steel base (can't remember the brand, but it was about 100$ and had good reviews)

    2 Scope Options

    Leupold VX-III 8.5-25x50 side focus LR target
    Glass is clean
    Matte with fine plex
    Very faint ring marks
    Flip up Leupold Alumina screw in covers
    Turret cap level (100$ new)
    Leupold dovetail rings


    Bausch & Lomb Elite 4000 4-16x50
    Matte finish
    Light ring marks and finish scuffs
    Glass is clean
    Leupold dovetail rings

    Hornady custom grade 300RUM 2 die +shell holder and RCBS neck sizer
    Hornady/stone point modified case

    .308 projectiles
    5 (50ct) bags Nosler 200gr AB 2nds
    1 (50ct) box Barnes 175gr LRX
    1 (100ct) box Sierra 200gr HPBT matchking
    1(86ct) box Sierra 220gr RN

    300 RUM Rem Brass-
    150pcs new unprimed
    86pcs new primed and prepped
    14pcs once fired

    I won't sell the brass, dies or Nosler ABs seperate until the rifle sells, so I kindly ask that you don't waste your time with it.

    I will also throw in a few steel gong targets, and spend a day going over the basics of the long range stuff for full price offers.

    3300$ for everything with B&L scope
    (New would be 5150$ for rifle and scope alone)

    3600$ for everything with the Leupold
    (New rifle and scope would cost 5600$ alone)

    Email for fastest response. Talexwood (at) gmail (dot) com
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2015
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  2. Quaka Wacka

    Quaka Wacka SW Washington Member

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    Should read WTS WA, but I can't seem to change it on my phone.
  3. Quaka Wacka

    Quaka Wacka SW Washington Member

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