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Cans and Optics in relation to Speed Competition Events

You may remember my question about optics (Scope for the Rifle...or the future?) - well, I decided on going with the Nikon Target EFR 3-9x40 for my 10/22 and to get a different optic for my .308 build (to be completed at a later date).

I didn't participate in a Speed Steal event that came to pass (Rimfire Challenge) because I only had a bolt action .22 at the time...but I'm keen on participating in a future such event...and it'd be my first. I got the Nikon 3-9 because I want to push my limits (and the .22's) by going out to 150 - 200 yards...but this seems like overkill for a speed event, no?

Are you guys, who have done these events, using scopes like the one I've got or something geared toward faster target acquisition (irons...dots...)?

Additionally, I'm thinking about getting a can for the 10/22. However, I don't know even where to begin. The .22 is already incredibly quiet and I'm usually shooting subsonic ammo as well...so do you judge the can by decibel rating alone or some combo of factors?

Thanks as always!


+1 on the red dot for steel. Dot size is personal preference. I like a 6 MOA myself.....
This is a great point.

I have two pistols that are damn near identical and one wears a 6 MOA dot and the other has a 3.

one is super easy to acquire target and one takes a split second more. Had I known and thought about this, both would be wearing a 6 MOA dot.

Suppression would be good but may decrease increase swing times (more mass to move and stop) with pistol and make it harder to stop the swing, maybe not so much with rifle and as I was told before I did a speed steel... shot timer won’t pick it up.

Although I shoot my MKIV pistol with a can 99% of the time, I'm fairly confident with using it as I plink but thinking of the effects it has on swing and target acquisition, I should practice like I'll shoot it at a speed steel: naked (the pistol that is).
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Douglas ridge use's stop watches for time on their steel challenge so you could use a suppressor, I've shot with mine in the past it helps to hear the steel ring.


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