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can a .44 mag be fired in a .454 casull?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by auditrevor, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. auditrevor

    auditrevor salem Active Member

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    just wondering if its possible for a .44 mag to be fired in a .454 casull? Im looking into picking up a .454 casull taurus and Im interested knowing what all I can shoot out of It. also wondering about .44 specials.

    * found my answer. you apparently cannot shoot it because a .44 mag is really a .421" mag lol.
  2. tlfreek

    tlfreek Vancouver WA Active Member

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    i think you can shoot 45 colt or 454 ammo.

    "The .45 Colt became the basis for the much more powerful .454 Casull cartridge, with the .454 Casull having a slightly longer and stronger case. Any .454 Casull revolver will chamber and fire .45 Colt, but not the inverse due to the Casull's longer case."
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  3. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    No! 45 Colt and 45 Schofield will work.
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  4. 013857

    013857 Stayton Oregon New Member

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    You can shoot 45 Long Colt in a 454 Casull, but it is not really that good for a gun to have the bullet jump(because of the distance) into the forcing cone, is it going to hurt it, no, not for many thousands of rounds..... Might lead up the throught a bit...
    You should get into reloading, so much cheaper, and 454 brass is very available, just load it to 45LC data( again be careful of some powders tendancy to detonate when in large volume cases with little powder.) You could just use Trailboss, neat stuff, very light, cannot really be overloaded in smokeless...
    Hope my "two bits" helps.....
  5. Bulletsrrfriend

    Bulletsrrfriend Longview Member

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    44mag neck diameter = .457 , bullet diameter = .429
    454 Casull neck diameter = .480 , bullet diameter = .452
  6. Dnaltrop

    Dnaltrop Portland, Oregon Member

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    I hope you reload, or are interested in doing so. .45 colt loading at the peak of the ammo shortage got me going, and has saved me hundreds already. a lee hand press can start at $35 before dies. A Lee Loader under $25 per caliber (you hammer on it, but can pack around, and use in the field easily)

    You can download the pressure in the .454 brass to powder-puff levels for the kids, or load a hard cast capable of going through a deer like a laser. Also, (minor as it is) you can avoid having to clean off the same Carbon ring that forms when shooting shorter .38 specials in a .357mag. Once you've collected the .454 brass to reload that is.

    A few weeks ago I found an article by Linebaugh on the pressures large bore guns survive. Made me feel better about the .45 colt I love. Of course he uses Ruger frames, but it's a good read I think for anyone into the .44mag/45colt/.454

    Linebaugh's Custom Sixguns - The .45 Colt - Dissolving the Myth, Discovering the Legend