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Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by jrfoxx, Sep 24, 2008.

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    just thought I'd toss out the idea of a dedicated C&R/antique section as an idea and see what people think. Maybe not enough of us to make it worthwhile, but maybe so. Just thought I'd toss te idea out there.

    Also, maybe a dedicated blackpowder section also (or could even lump it in with C&R/antiques to help beef it up a little, and they are a related thing, even if the BP gun is a replica)

    Just thpught I'd toss it out to see what others, especially our kind host, thinks of the idea.

    Fear not, if it's a dumb/bad idea, gets voted down, etc, my feeling wont be hurt.....

    not too much anyways...

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    Thanks for the suggestion jrfoxx.

    Right now, since we're so small, I'm trying to keep the sections down to a minimum. I've talked with quite a few people and, like me, it seems they prefer fewer sections that are more condensed than more sections that are more spread out. For now, I'd put that stuff in the section it pertains to such as handguns or rifles & shotguns. Once we have thousands of members this can be reconsidered ;)

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