Bullet trap rash

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by joken, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Shooting at our Lodge range this morning and had a bullet fragment hit me in the lower leg and another piece of the same bullet got my buddy. I was shooting my Sig 10mm from the bench at 20 yards and couldn't get it on paper so I went to about 12 yards and fired. There is only a small cut on my calf and I don't think anything is in there, although there is a bump that I'm calling a bruise for now. My friend was sitting at the bench 20 yards back and got cut in the side. Looking at the trap after the fact there is a steel pan in the bottom, but there wasn't any sand or anything in it. Can't remember what the bullet is other than a cheap JHP. Lesson learned and I'm happy it didn't hit one of us in the nuts or eyeball.
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    Might be worth a doctors visit and a xray. When I was 8 or so I had access to a bb gun when playing over at my grandparents. I thought it would be a pretty neat trick to see if I could hit a .22 rimfire cartridge i found lying on my grampa's workbench. So I tossed it out in the back 40 and proceeded to shoot. Damned if I didn't hit it on the 3rd or fourth shot with that cheap daisy bb gun. It ignited the shell and was louder than I expected. I sheepishly walked back to the house and was met by my grampa demanding wth was I doing. I told him and he grabbed me to give me a well deserved whoopin, but he stopped when he saw blood trickling down my arm. After a little examination they decided it was just a grazing wound from the brass shrapnel. A month or so later after it had healed, I could feel something in my bicep. An xray revealed a pretty substantial chunk of that .22 case had indeed entered my arm. A minor surgery later it was retrieved and I had a great memento of my stupidity to go along with my sore backside compliments of my old man.
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    The very reason one should wear shooting glasses...
    I used to shoot at the old indoor pistol range by Ft. Lewis Wa., and it was not unusual to get hit by a fragment now and then when shooting .22 rimfire at 50 ft.
    There were pock marks in the steel backstop plates, and a .22 bullet would hit one of those and send fragments back.
    Saw quite a few folks with a trickle of blood on their faces.
    Also had a tendency to make you flinch.

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