Hi all, I wanted to sell my shotgun locally, and this seems like the place. It's a 1958 Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve with two original Browning Belgium Barrels and Browning case.

Everything original and in amazing condition. Original manuals, hang-tags, unused case key, and the case that was purchased with it (in Sunnyvale, CA, I believe, which is where my grandfather lived when he bought this).


#1: 28” Vent-rib, modified choke, made in Belgium and original to the firearm

#2 30” Vent-rib, full choke, made in Belgium and also original to the firearm

No rust, and bluing is true and even; it’s slightly worn where the forestock has touched it over the years on both barrels.


Original Browning locking case (with original unused key) in amazing condition--it is also original to the firearm and has its “nauga-hide” hang-tag.


This was one of my grandfather’s shotguns; it’s been treated well and prized its entire life, though it has been used before. There are no repairs and no cracks and the bluing is terrific on the gun and both barrels, but there are marks on the stock that tells you it’s has been out before (and probably killed its fair share of ducks).

No rust, no issues whatsoever, oiled and cleaned regularly. It was last fired six months ago. The only condition issue would be that my grandfather engraved his social security number on the underside of the firearm behind the trigger guard.

It’s a 1958 model, as are both (made in Belgium) barrels.

From all the Belgium-made light twelves I’ve researched and seen sale prices on, $900 cash seems a more than fair offer for a stunningly original gun with original barrels and case. I’d like to ask more, but selling and shipping on most firearm sites seems a huge pain in the behind, so I’d prefer to deal with local Oregon or Washington residents in-person and face-to-face. If I'm completely off-base on the price for an original Belgium gun with original Belgium barrels in terrific condition with original case and hang-tags, please let me know. I aim for a fair deal, not to be ridiculous as a new member to this community.

I’m in downtown Portland, Oregon and am more than happy to let any potential buyer fully examine, insepct, and check out this firearm before any funds change hands. Cash-only, local-only, no trades, and (please) no shenanigans.

I’m happy to send more detailed images of the barrel markings and the serial number, but please only ask for this if you’ve cash and are very serious about purchasing this wonderful light twelve.



IMG_3899.JPG IMG_3893.JPG IMG_3897.JPG IMG_3906.JPG




Hey Erik,
Long gone? Please let me know either way.
Thanks for your time.
Best regards,

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