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    Cleaning out the safe. For sale is a fairly unusual but incredible all-metal pistol made by Browning, the Browning BDM (Browning Dual Action Mode) in 9mm. This is perhaps the thinnest double stack 15+1 round 9mm pistol ever made. Sadly, it was released just before the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban came out that limited all but the first models' commercial capacity to 10+1. There were a few, however, that come with a 15-round magazine. This is one of them and also comes with a second 10-round magazine. Ergonomically, it's one of the finest pistols ever made and points like a dream. It even has checkering on the front and back straps for added grip purchase.

    I'm not sure of the total round count, but I've put 200 rounds through it without a single failure. Bore is still bright and rifling looks like new. Action, lock-back, decocker/safety operation, etc are all in perfect working condition. There are only two areas that are scratched. There is a semi-circular idiot scratch near the dual-mode switch and some minor scratching near the slide lock. Otherwise the finish is its original matte blued finish as it came out of the factory.

    Please note that this is NOT a Hi-Power variant. It is a completely different pistol that has the unique capability of switching from a conventional DA/SA firearm to a DAO one with just the twist of a round switch located on the slide. I'm not sure why, but there you have it. Double action from the decocked position is super short and smooth. Single action is pretty amazing and on the par with some of the better 1911s I've had.

    This one is pretty rare in that it comes with the original box and owner's manual. The BDM is no longer in production, but pretty much all of its parts are readily available from Midwest Gun Works, a company that essentially bought up all of Browning's stock when they discontinued production in the early 90s.

    Price is only $400 for this pretty cool piece of history and I'll pay the transfer fee. Sale only, no trades. Lowball offers will make me think you don't respect me. Please respond by private message only and leave a phone number you will actually answer. I don't like voice mail, even my own. Meet at Tropics Pawn in Orchards for the transfer.
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    Good deal here....
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    Pm inbound :)
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