Broken frame s&w 669

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by sasquatch83, Feb 24, 2010.

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    I was up shooting with some friends on sunday and one of the guys noticed that his frame on his S&W 9mm had broke in two places. It is actually a large crack on both sides of the frame. After doing some research, apparently S&W offers a lifetime warranty on all their guns but this is limited to the orginal owner. Does anyone have this frame or know of where to get another?

    I have pictures but for some reason the wont load....
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    Technically, the "frame" is the firearm. So buying another one would require background check, FFL transfer etc. You might be able to find a parts gun on gunbroker etc. That would be your best bet I think.

    But your best choice would probably be to buy a whole new gun, and possibly selling his 669 on gunbroker as a parts gun to recoup part of the cost. That is assuming he can not work some sort of a deal with S&W.
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    I sure would give S&W a call. I am sure they would be interesting in seeing his gun to determine what went wrong. Good chance that they would make him a good deal on a new revolver.:)

    They don't like bad press on their firearms any more than Toyota wants bad press on its cars.
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    The warranty is to the original registered owner (registered for the warranty), and their registered heirs. Also, I do not think they had the warranty when the 669 was made, it started around the time of the 6906 model. Cracking an aluminum frame was not an unusal thing for guns of that time, and the 669 was not really considered a "shooting" gun. That being said, depending on the cracking the gun could still be considered functional.

    Aluminum frames are not really repairable, but it does not hurt to call Smith and Wesson, what happens will depend on the current policy, what parts they have, and which particular customer rep you deal with. Ideally, they would replace the frame, but being that model has not been made for 20 years that will probably be a nogo. They may offer some sort of upgrade deal, or likely say you are out of luck. I would also expect any solution they offer will cost some money, probably enough to make it not worth it.

    Personally, I would buy another 669 (they are fairly cheap), and use the other for spare parts, or weld it up and make it into a paperweight (I have some neat paperweights myself, but remember they are still regulated firearms), or sell everything but the frame (there does seem to be some market for it), and demil the frame.

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