Body armor Level IIIA (Batex)

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    Hello, I have a Batex German soft body armor in great shape. This vest has two (front and back) Kevlar soft inserts (bullet resistant panels) and two stab resistant panels/inserts. I got this vest as NOS condition, and it was sealed in plastic bags. It is technically expired (April 1996?) but sine it was never worn and used prior to me owning it, there is no doubt in my mind that it will still stop a round. It is rated to the same level as our Level IIIA so it stops up to a .44 magnum round (soft tip) and if you wear the stab resistant panels you can be stab proof/resistant. I have worn this 10-15 times and to be honest it is a little big for me.... it is a size 2XL so if you are a big boy or girl, this vest will provide good protection. Total weight with all 4 panels is about 24 pounds. In the picture below, the black panel is the body armor and the green on the right is the stab resistant panel.

    Asking $175 OBO... Local sales only (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland etc.)

    1 vest carrier (tan)
    2 bullet resistant panels/inserts (Kevlar)
    2 stab resistant panels/inserts
    1 vest carrier (to carry your vest and panels)
    2 moisture wicking towels (white)

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