Beretta AL390 Silver mallard. Opinions / info?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by james83, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Hi, Everyone

    I have been looking for an inexpensive semi-auto shotgun for upland bird and waterfowl hunting, I didnt want to put a ton of money into a hunting shotgun so i have been looking at used guns, Well i got off work a little early today and decided to check out the local pawnshops. I was thinking of getting a Remington 1100 or 1187 but everyone a looked at was pretty beat up, rusted out and generally looking like they were at the end of their useful life.

    At one pawnshop i did however find a couple of Beretta AL390 Shotguns in 12Gauge. One was in very good condition but missing the chokes the other was a little rougher but overall not bad and the internals look great, The gun felt really well balanced and seemed to fit and point naturally so i ended up picking it up for $400 bucks plus background check so $410.

    Gonna give the gun a good cleaning tonight and if im lucky take it out for a round of trap tomorrow.

    Just wondering if any forum members own or have owned one of these shotguns? I would really like to hear peoples opinions and experience with the Beretta 390.

    I found a copy of the owners manual to download and there are a couple of videos on youtube about the gun, But any and all opinions, Info, pro's and con's about the Beretta AL390 would be great!


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