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Beater 8mm mauser...

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by Marbo40k, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Marbo40k

    Marbo40k Sandy OR New Member

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    Looking for kind of a beater mauser in 8x57 just for plinking.
    As long as it's shootable and the bore isn't completely pitted/shotout i'm interested.
    Looking to spend about $75-$85.

  2. RockKrawler

    RockKrawler Gresham Member

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    If you decide you want to spend/or trade up just a little more,i have a M48 Yugo in 8X57.
    Stock has been refinished,bore is dark,but it still shoots good.
    It would come with a bandoleer of ammo on stripper clips.
    Also have a 1917 Obendorf barreled action,just need a stock, that i would consider letting go.This one really shoots well,in very nice condition.