WTS OR Austrian Hirtenberger 308 (7.62x51 NATO)

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    Hi gang, have a little bit of this ammo I'd like to move out.

    It is Austrian Hirtenberger 7.62x51 NATO (308 Winchester) sealed 240rd packs.

    As seen in the first pic, its still sealed as I got it, 12-boxes of 20-rounds each = 240-rounds (not going to open them up and separate).

    The Austrian Hirtenberger has always been very reliable and also very accurate ammo. It is brass cased and Berdan primed. Have used it without issue in a few different FALs and M14s (semi and full auto), a couple bolt guns and most recently in a new PTR 91; never any problems whatsoever.

    All pretty straight forward. $150 per sealed 240-round pack picked up in Salem. Not going to ship it and not looking for any trades, just to raise some cash. Have a few to sell.

    Please e-mail at: ch139@netscape.net and please DO NOT use the conversation here on NWFA; I can't get onto this site near as easy as I can check my e-mail.

    This is what you get, a sealed pack of 12-boxes holding 20-rounds each.


    12 of these boxes...


    This is '79 vintage from an open box, the sealed boxes are all from 1978 I believe.





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