I recently stumbled across "Greg Ellifritz." He's a tactical trainer that runs a company called Active Response Training and he is also a prolific writer on a wide variety of self defense topics and tactics. There's a link to his website below and you can certainly read up on his bio with respect to his background.

I've been reading a number of his articles lately and they are most certainly interesting and seem well thought out and reasoned. This is one of those articles that I found particularly interesting. It details the key elements of an Islamic Terrorist hostage situation and details how these are significantly different from a standard criminal hostage a bank robbery gone bad or similar...and if there is such a thing as a "standard criminal hostage situation."

But the article gives good information on how you might know it's a terrorist situation, how you should be prepared for it, and also that many police agencies aren't prepared for this kind of thing which is going to be detrimental to your survival and the survival of the other hostages.

You will note that the article immediately references and links another article and that one is worth a read too. It's written by James Gagliano, a former counter terrorist operator and former member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).

And I'm not affiliated in any way, I just thought this was good information to share. :)

Islamic Terrorist Hostage Sieges

Last week I read an article titled:Hostage Rescue In The Age Of ISIS.

It’s a long article and it’s worth your time to read. Written by a former member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, the author argues that traditional police responses to hostage situations are inadequate to deal the Islamic terrorist hostage sieges we are seeing worldwide. He’s right.

The biggest problem is that most police administrators remain incredibly ignorant about this topic. When an ISIS terrorist or team of terrorists takes hostages, it is not the same situation as when a desperate criminal takes hostages after a bank robbery goes bad or when a domestic violence suspect holds his family hostage. Each criminal’s motivations are different. Negotiation will work in the “standard” hostage taking event. It absolutely will get more people killed in an ISIS terrorist takeover.

Main webpage:
Greg Ellifritz
It’s no different than the mentality of a any mass shooter. Police should be trained to go in hard, fast, and kill any threat as fast as possible. It is a kill them before they kill anyone else senario.
They are bent on killing indicriminatley and die in the process.

Only thing you can do is kill them as fast as possible.

Whether it’s a highly trained ISIS fighter or the 14 yo trench coat mafia a terrorist is a terrorist.

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