AR57 with ammunition

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    AR57 rifle 5.7x28
    Upper is AR Five Seven and has had 200 rds down the tube,(4 magazines ya'll)
    The lower is a factory built dpms lite 16 multi-cal .223/5.56 and is UNFIRED
    One AR Five Seven 50rd magazine and one FNH 50rd magazine
    I am including 100 rds so you can fill both magazines and go shooting
    Set your chosen optics and accessories
    Fire off 50rds with no recoil while the guy next to you has to swap out a magazine
    Spent casings eject through the magwell.If the buyer chooses I can include a modified ar15 magazine to install in the magwell as a brass catcher.
    At any given time all you have to do is unpin the upper and install any other ar upper to change calibers.No modifications are made to the lower to use this upper as most of you know.This upper will also pin to any other lower
    Also including a water tight SHTF case
    1100.00 For the package
    Always willing to entertain trades
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