I am looking to buy a used AR with decent optics & a few magazines. I don’t think I can go beyond $700 but if the deal is right I would sure try. If interested I would like to trade + cash, but I can also do all cash. I have a Ruger American rifle in .308 with a Bushnell 18x scope with a bipod & would also come with a 50 pack of new winchester un-primed .308 brass & Any rounds I havent shot(& as much once fired .308 brass as you want). The gun is accurate as hell I just don’t use it. I don’t rifle hunt & even though I hand loaded 125gr bt noslers for predator hunting I’ve found it’s just too much for hunting coyotes & gray diggers. It might have 150 rounds through it, probably more like 100. Also I have a Beretta pietro .380 with 1 clip & a holster that I would also include in a trade with the .308 or by itself + cash. I’m very motivated as I have recently been struck with a bad case of AR fever. I will upload photo of .308 later. BB7E4AE7-A917-4634-AC64-B4F53B34F768.jpeg C709EF23-BD0F-4EA3-95C7-67D5A957480A.jpeg

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