WTS OR AR-15 Lower Wax Casting

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    This is not something you see every day... A dimentionally accurate wax casting of an AR-15 lower. This was a souvenir from a cancelled project to make 80% lowers during the "panic" days. This could be used to cast your own aluminum 80% lower. A really cool project if you want to be able to say you built your own truly "from scratch". 7075 aluminum would be the best material to cast it with, but you could melt pop cans down if you really wanted to get hard core. The advantage to this design is that an accurate mag well is cast directly into the piece eliminating the need for specialized broaching machinery to create a proper mag well. I will include a machinist's spec sheet showing all the proper dimensions for a finished lower. Only 1 available. Post any questions you might have. $40

    20160407_115441.jpg 20160407_115453.jpg 20160407_115505.jpg
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