-AR-15, 30-RND Mags.........NEW, P-Mag, Thermold, Qnty-24

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    -AR-15, 30-RND Mags.........NEW. $30 cash per mag FIRM. very fair considering the climate we are in.

    -14 P-Mags, 30rnd. one with Window, Brand New this last year loaded and set in the bugout bag, 2 mags used a couple times at the range on the bench.

    -10 Thermold, 30rnd, Brand New this last year loaded and set in the bugout bag.

    -I would prefer to sell them all to one or two guys, I am Not driving all over the place 24 times guys, the meeting place will be at the Metro Park and ride lot right off 405 and woodinville, "I-405 at NE 160th St (Brickyard) (NB), Kingsgate, WA" google it.


    that's the spot, if it's to far for you sorry, get a buddy involved.

    if this gets out of hand with a dozen guys it will be everyone meets at the same time gets there stuff and bugs out, I am very busy so my weekend time is precious. depending on response later this afternoon or in the morning.

    dont be that guy!, quick to claim chit and no show, you will be posted as a flake.

    super cool on this end, tired of flakes these days is all.

    *Some Trading, I could use some QUALITY 22L Ammo.

    Preference to the, Federal Ammunition 22LR 36gr Copper Plated, 550ct Value pack

    Peace, B.



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